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Don McCullin at Hauser & Wirth, Bruton

Following on from the conversation in the recent post on this forum by Ian, I visited the McCullin retrospective at H&W this week.

It is a substantial show of some of his best known photographs, stunningly printed (by him), curated and hung in a large, beautifully lit modern gallery. I spent a long time in there. Seeing those prints 'in the flesh' is an emotionally wrenching experience, for their often harrowing content and subject, no matter how familiar, and - for the photographer - for the astonishing technical quality of the prints themselves. They are proof, were it needed, that however good the digital process now is, it still doesn't come close to film, printed in a wet darkroom onto silver gelatin paper. I would add that reproductions of his work give very little indication of the actual quality of those prints, and of his absolute mastery of his metier.

I cannot recommend it enough - visiting represented a fairly substantial journey and two days off work, not a moment of which I regret. The H&W gallery itself is an impressive development of a group of beautiful farm buildings that I have known since I was 13 years old, worth a visit in its own right. It was very busy, even on a January wednesday, but still at no point felt crowded. There is a superb restaurant there, and Bruton itself has other good venues.

A few days left. Go if you can.

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